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1,000,000 Yes! A Million!

Taylor Swift has 18million subscribers and 7+billion views on YouTube. Wow!!
Korean Guitar phenom Sungha Jung has 3million subscribers and 1.5 million views.
B.B. King, immortal blues guitarist, is a little more down-to-earth with only  13,000 subscribers and 8 million views.
Classical Guitarist David Russell has 7,000 subscribers and nearly 3 million views.

Of course, they all deserve so much respect for their fame and I admire them all for different reasons. But all the same, I feel TOTALLY AWESOME because Guitar Arts Studio Student Video Channel has . . . (drumroll??? )

230 subscribers
over 1,000,000 views!!
And truly, other than post them and share around a little – there hasn’t been anything really done to promote the channel.

We’re just that doggone good!!!

See for yourself at:

Here’s our most popular video:


These two are pretty close in views:

Lord of the Rings theme for Guitar Ensemble

Malaguena for Guitar Trio

Student Performers aged 10-16

and My Favorite – “Take the A Train”

Honors Ensemble performing in the Guitar Foundation of America Youth Showcase in Ithaca, NY (June 2009)

Well…there may be lots of other channels with over a million views, but I still feel really proud and happy about this.


…and Thank You for watching!!


Guitars and Pets in N.C.

Here's the kitty who doesn't understand why she can't come in.

Tuesday dawned with the kitty meowing outside…she doesn’t understand why she can’t come in and who is this new guest in the house.  And Mark, the dog, doesn’t get it, either. He makes himself comfortable on the patio, on a bed of leaves.

Here's Mark in his new bed.

I do feel guilty over the displacement of the pets, but very happy to have this good opportunity.  So far I’ve observed in three studios – Ken Wilson and Bill Kossler, who both teach independently in Winston-Salem and Joseph Pecoraro at the North Carolina School of the Arts.  Every teacher has great ideas which are really valuable to see. Ken has his students play a song by ear every week in addition to reading and repertoire.  Bill is getting each student set up with a binder and dividers. In the front section is the stuff they need to practice every day. In the back sections they can skip around as long as they cover everything in a week.  Pretty organized and it makes it easy to choose what to listen to in a lesson.  Joe has a ton of great ideas he uses with his students both at the high school and college level. He chooses simple etudes from old Shearer Books which are easy to memorize.  Because they are so solid, he uses them to work fine points of left and right hand technical focus in an amazing, detailed way.

Lauren plays violin in the symphony and Tuesday was the Final Performance of ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in partnership with the Drama Dept of the School of the Arts. It was such an enjoyable performance and really funny. It was held at the Stevens Center in Winston-Salem and it was the first time I’ve been able to get the check-in feature to work for me on Facebook.  Woo-hooooo!!

Winston-Salem Symphony warms on stage at the Stevens Center

Today, Wednesday, saw a Facebook Check-in at the North Carolina School of the Arts again to watch some more lessons.  It is really amazing how good those high school students are. They play pieces which are quite advanced and with a great deal of confidence. Gotta hand it to those great instructors!

You might enjoy the inspiring poetry posted on the Kossler’s Fridge….. and perhaps the contrasting messages will strike you funny, as they did me…!

Wisdom from the Refrigerator Door....

too often we underestimate

the power of a touch, a smile,

a kind word, a listening ear,

an honest compliment,

or the smallest act of caring,

all of which have the potential

to turn a life around.

by leo buscaglia




ABOVE IT:      “My only hope is the Lottery” ]


Now, One more photo of the displaced kitties

Kitties Chillin' Outside

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s colder tonight back home in Houston [27 ] than it is here in North Carolina [35] or even New York City [28]

Who would have thought?????

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