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Remembering Joe Pass

Today from my vacation spot in Destin, Florida I’m listening to the music of  Joe Pass. Joe used to come to Berklee often during my time there. My teacher, Al Defino, had lived a while in LA where he studied with and hung out with Joe. So, when Joe was in Boston for a gig, we often saw him in the halls at school on the 5th Floor where the Guitar Department was. During the days, he didn’t have scheduled time and he said he wanted to see what was up in our guitar dept because “This is where all the good, young players come from.”

And today I thought if there were smart phones back then, I would have a selfie with Joe from one of those times he was hanging with us or doing a clinic in the Performance Center.

This is one thing vacations are good for…time to muse around with ideas like this one. So, included with this post is a composite of Joe and me, how we might have looked if there had been a photo back then….Sort of.

And another picture just of Joe that looks like it might have been taken in the BPC during one of his clinics.

There are not many guitarists who don’t cite Joe as an influence on their playing and the development of their career choice.

Thanks, Joe, for all of the inspiration.


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