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Lick of the Week #1

Working lots lately on writing and recording. And CD-ing – at least, that’s the plan for where this is all going to end up. It just seemed like sharing a “Lick of the Week” might be a nice project to add to the blend.

For the Inaugural Week I present the “Wheaties Warm-Up.” My first teacher, DC area Jazz Great Rick Whitehead gave it to me at my first lesson. I thought it was so cool!

He made the comment, “you’re going to have to eat your wheaties to play this one!”

This exercise consists of a chromatic scale ascending and then descending on the 1st string. It alternates w/ the Eb on string 2 and the open E, 1st string.

Here is the first sequence. After that, you can watch, listen and figure it out.

Eb – E – F – E – Eb – E – F# – E – Eb – E – G – E etc…..

I first learned this with a pick as a study to improve alternating. It’s also good for fingerstyle right-hand patterns.  The video shows PIMI. Try PAMI and other patterns for more fun!  And practice.

You can and should go beyond the 12th fret. This video does not because to do so made it longer than the 15-second Instagram Limit.

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