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A Student guitar program in Central America has asked me for help.

For the past 10 years I have been working with Suzuki Communities in El Salvador and Guatemala to help build programs in Central America. The next event I will attend begins 16 days from now in Guatamala City in December. One of the teachers there who works with families in a more remote area has asked for two guitars for his program.

A local Houston-area merchant who is supportive of growing guitar programs has agreed to supply the items at the lowest rate he gives to schools.

Here are the items and projected cost for the requested guitar supplies:
Cordoba 1/4 Sized (w/ gig bag)      $135.
Cordoba 3/4 sized (w/ gig bag)      $ 135.
Crossrock 106 Gig-Bag               $   25.00
——————-   TOTAL:  $295
New Strings are also needed.
They cost  $107 per box of 12 sets  (lots of teachers could use these)

If you are able and interested in donating to the GUITARS FOR GUATEMALA Project, you can do so by visiting this link:

The Southeast Texas Suzuki Association is supporting this initiative and has already helped send violins and other supplies to Central America.
Visit their page where you can donate via PayPal or use your Credit Card.

Every amount is appreciated! We are working against the clock since the next festival begins in a little over two weeks!!


Thank you!

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