Taylor Swift has 18million subscribers and 7+billion views on YouTube. Wow!!
Korean Guitar phenom Sungha Jung has 3million subscribers and 1.5 million views.
B.B. King, immortal blues guitarist, is a little more down-to-earth with only  13,000 subscribers and 8 million views.
Classical Guitarist David Russell has 7,000 subscribers and nearly 3 million views.

Of course, they all deserve so much respect for their fame and I admire them all for different reasons. But all the same, I feel TOTALLY AWESOME because Guitar Arts Studio Student Video Channel has . . . (drumroll??? )

230 subscribers
over 1,000,000 views!!
And truly, other than post them and share around a little – there hasn’t been anything really done to promote the channel.

We’re just that doggone good!!!

See for yourself at:

Here’s our most popular video:


These two are pretty close in views:

Lord of the Rings theme for Guitar Ensemble

Malaguena for Guitar Trio

Student Performers aged 10-16

and My Favorite – “Take the A Train”

Honors Ensemble performing in the Guitar Foundation of America Youth Showcase in Ithaca, NY (June 2009)

Well…there may be lots of other channels with over a million views, but I still feel really proud and happy about this.


…and Thank You for watching!!


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