What an honor to receive the exciting news that a scholarship has been created in my name to assist a deserving child’s study of guitar in Guatemala.

On behalf of my colleagues in Central America I am always happy to work very hard because I know their deep desire to support the arts and education in their countries. This is just another example of how wonderful their hearts are to reach out and share what they have.

I am so proud of all of them! I look forward to meeting the recipient and watching her development with music.

The photo below is from a past Festival, just to help put a face to the story. This boy is NOT The child receiving the scholarship – that news has not yet been released – he is a young man from Guatemala City where the school is.

Here is a link to the story and below that, the text in Spanish with English translation.

“El día de hoy en ALARTE & Estudio de Guitarra Paco Godoy se decidió crear la “BECA ANDREA CANNON” en gratitud a la Maestra Andrea Cannon por sus esfuerzos, entrega, corazón y el trabajo que realiza en pos de la enseñanza, aprendizaje y compartimiento de la Guitarra Clásica y la aplicación del Método Suzuki en Guatemala y Centro América. Muchas gracias maestra Andrea Cannon, así como a la Asociación Suzuki de las Américas, Asociación Suzuki de El Salvador y Asociación Costarricense del Método Suzuki. Pronto compartiremos acerca de la niña que recibirá esta beca, la cual procuraremos mantener y renovar de por vida. Gracias de nuevo. Atrévete… Libérate… Elévate… ven Alarte.”


“Today at Alarte & The Guitar Studio of Paco Godoy it was decided to create the “ANDREA CANNON SCHOLARSHIP” in gratitude to Master-Teacher Andrea Cannon for her efforts, dedication, heart and the work done towards teaching, learning and sharing Classical Guitar and implementation of the Suzuki Method in Guatemala and Central America. Many thanks Andrea Cannon and the Suzuki Association of the Americas, Suzuki Association of El Salvador and Costa Rican Suzuki Association. Soon we will share about the girl who will receive this scholarship, which will seek to maintain and renew her throughout her lifetime. Thanks again. Dare Yourself … Free yourself … Rise Above… and come with Alarte.”

Two teachers from Guatemala City with their young student

Two teachers from Guatemala City with their young student


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